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Hudly glass display on the road

Why a Proper HUD is Better Than Your $20 Windhshield Mount

We sometimes get the comment, why don't I just put my phone onto my windshield? Great question! We love this one. We'll break down the top reasons why a proper head-up display is better than your average cell phone mounted on your windshield. 

Phone on windshield blocks your view  1.) Plain and simple, you can't see through your cell phone! While people are loving their larger and larger screen sizes, the size really poses a problem when trying to view the road ahead. You're creating a large blind spot in your vision as you drive.
Sygic HUD on the road 2.) HUD specific apps are created to minimize distractions. To use these properly, it needs to be within your line of sight. For navigation, the focus will be on arrows which almost float on the road, guiding you to your destination. To check your speed, you will be able read it in your periphery instead of changing your focus.

3.) On the point of focus, proper HUDs use a optical phenomenon called optical collimation. On the road this means that you'll be able to see your directions and notifications on a HUD while still being able to focus properly on the road. The most important benefit from a HUD is this ability to have the road and direction in the same focus plane. See the pictures below for a visual representation of this feature.

    you can't see past your phone

    When your phone is about a foot in front of you, you can't see around it or be aware of what's in front of you.

    Hudly display on the road

    With a optically collimated HUD you can see the road and information is displayed so it's easy to read while maintaining your situational awareness.

    There are huge benefits to a HUD over simply mounting your cell phone to your windshield. If you've never driven with a HUD, it may be difficult to imagine how it's a game changer but we hope with our breakdown it now makes sense. We hope to see you looking forward and driving with Hudly soon!