Drive smarter and stay connected

Hudly lets your phone be your guide while you keep your eyes on the road

Drive smarter and stay connected

Hudly lets your phone be your guide while you keep your eyes on the road

Upgrade your car with military aviation technology

Hudly is a heads-up display (HUD), much like pilots use to keep critical info in their line of sight. Access your own critical info through your favorite apps as your phone’s screen is seamlessly projected right to your windshield.

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If the app runs on your phone, Hudly can project it onto your windshield.

Get started right away with a familiar interface. Hudly mirrors your phone so there are no new confusing platforms to learn.

Ease of Use

Get started right away

Hudly mirrors your phone’s screen and projects it so you can use any apps you want, without having to learn a new platform.
Specialty Apps

Designed to work seamlessly

Stay focused on the road ahead with apps like Sygic, specially designed for HUDs to provide a minimal interface that reduces visual distractions.
Voice Actions

Keep your hands on the wheel

Simply use your phone's voice controls (in English or any preferred spoken language) to safely interact with your apps so you never need to lift a finger.

Hear it loud and clear

Built-in projector speakers enable you to hear your directions, notifications and voice commands.

Check speed, fuel, temperature, and more—better than ever before

Hudly displays your car performance stats as sleek, easy-to-read dials so there’s no need to glance down at the dash.

Optimal visibility in all weather conditions, day or night

Hudly’s light sensor automatically adjusts display brightness for optimal visibility, with up to 35x the brightness of an average phone screen. The crystal clear glass display is engineered to magnify images for easy viewability.

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What's in the box?
  • Projector & glass display
  • Power cable & OBD2 cable
  • MHL Adapter (for Android)
Note: Apple AV Adapter sold separately.
Compatible with most cars and phones.
30 day returns
1 year warranty
Worldwide shipping