Drive smarter with the Hudly head-up display

Access vital navigation and vehicle diagnostics without taking your eyes off the road. Hudly reduces distractions and casts all the info you need directly in your line of sight.

Focus on the road ahead and never miss a moment

Hudly is your key to less driving stress. Phone usage while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year in the US. But phones are critical when you’re lost or NEED to answer your boss. 

With our head-up displays (HUD), navigate, talk and text without looking down at your phone! Stay focused ahead with fewer missed turns and no more sudden braking after you've looked away.

Hudly projecting speed and rpm diagnostic data from obd2 iphone android universal affordable HUD

Hudly’s suite of products is designed to meet the needs of every driver.

Everyday Driver

Improve your typical driving routine with optimal routes to work, home, and everywhere

Car Enthusiast

Keep an eye on speed and RPMs without looking away from the track


Never miss a moment while exploring new highways or enjoying the scenic routes

Uber/Lyft Driver

Easily get your customer from point A to point B with navigation always in front

Choose from 2 models designed to fit your driving needs

While luxury cars now arrive with pre-installed HUDs, Hudly is a sleek and affordable way to bring this technology to any car. Fighter pilots have been using HUDs for decades to safely navigate the skies. Now it’s your turn.

Hudly Wireless

This premier feature-packed HUD lets you access your favorite driving apps as your phone’s screen is wirelessly cast in your line of sight. Featuring a new sleek portable design and the brightest, sharpest display on the market.

Nearly half a million raised from 1,850+ crowdfunding backers!

** AS SEEN AT CES 2018 **

Access all your go-to driving apps
Feel confident in all lighting conditions
Customize with OBD2 integrations

Hudly Lite

This lighter yet robust HUD shows speed and RPM without having to look down at the dashboard.

Access speed and RPM
Feel confident in all lighting conditions

“[Hudly is] an easy-to-install aftermarket heads-up display (HUD) add-on that won’t break the bank”

“I was wowed with the clarity of the projected image and how well it performed under different lighting conditions.”

“The company’s newest product is arguably one of the most advanced dashboard HUDs to date, and boasts a unique set of features that aim to solve the problems that other HUDs suffer from.”

“As far as projection goes, Hudly works well, showing maps, directions, and other info in a large, clear format that's a step above simply sticking your phone on the dash using a mount.”

“Hudly makes everything look like it's magically floating on the road. It's perfect for those cross-country road trips.”

“If you’re having a hard time keeping your eyes away from your phone, Hudly just may be the solution for you... No looking down or being distracted while driving, and perfect if you are a Uber or Lyft driver.”

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