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How An Aftermarket Head-Up Display Enriched My Drive

How An Aftermarket Head-Up Display Enriched My Drive

Hudly owner @jakegully12 may not be the conventional Hudly owner, but he sure is an enthusiastic one. I sat down with Jake for a quick question and answer about how an aftermarket head-up display revolutionized his driving experience in 2017.


Question: What would you say your favorite thing about your Hudly head-up display is?

Jake: Definitely how it looks and what it does. I have people at drive-through windows and car shows asking me constantly about what it is. It just looks so sleek when you see it that people are naturally curious. I like to show off (hence the black Mustang GT) and Hudly does half the work for me.

Corbin: You also mentioned you liked what it does, care to elaborate on that?

Jake: Yeah, of course! I like what it does in the sense that it gives me so much versatility while I drive. Ya know? It’s like I’m driving in a much more advanced car and everything I want and need is on my windshield now.

Question: What do you think of when you hear the words ‘augmented reality’?

Jake: I think of my reality being augmented. Wait, I just redefined the question. Uhh, let me try again. I think of my environment changing with things that aren’t necessarily there but are definitely real. So, like my phone. It’s real, it’s there, but when it’s projecting through Hudly, that image is not really there it’s on the head-up display so it is there but it’s not actually. It’s augmented reality.

Corbin: Good summation, really. Would you say that Hudly does a good job of providing an aftermarket head-up display augmented reality solution?

Jake: Oh yeah man, this thing is great. I had my doubts when I first saw it, I mean, who doesn’t? It was on Kickstarter / Indiegogo and it’s already so hard to trust products from there. But when I got it and installed it I knew after about 10 seconds of using it that it was great.

Corbin: Thanks, Jake! Now it would be cool if you told the readers back home what your favorite apps you’re using with Hudly right now are and how you’re utilizing them.

Jake’s favorite apps:

  1. Netflix – “I know that it might seem weird that this is my favorite app to use with my Hudly, but there’s no better feeling than watching a show while you’re driving and not having to look away from the road. Everyone has that, ‘oh I shouldn’t be doing this, watching this show and looking down at my phone all the time,’ feeling and now I don’t have to.”
  2. Waze – " This one seems like it’s pretty typical. I haven’t really dived into Hudly-specific apps yet because I have a few like Netflix and Waze that I just really like to use. Waze is cool because I see cops coming up while I’m driving and it makes life a lot easier."

Question: Would you recommend Hudly?

" Everyone should at least check out the Hudly. It may not be for everyone, I don’t know. I just know that it hit the nail on the head with me and now even my friends who have bought one, too. I could definitely see it helping out people like Uber and Lyft drivers, though. I had a friend who drove for them and he was always complaining about his phone GPS mounting locations. So, yeah, I would recommend it to anyone who asks."

Thanks for interviewing with us, Jake, and thank you for being a member of the Hudly community! We strive to offer the best aftermarket HUD in the industry and thanks to our amazing community, we’re improving every day.

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