It’s almost Christmas and in about two weeks we’ll be getting Hudly into our warehouses. We can’t wait to see how customers will use the heads-up display and we wanted to show you some of our favorite apps.

1) Android Auto

Android Auto is Google’s driving assistant which uses a simplified interface and can be controlled by voice commands. Android Auto conveniently launches when connected to your car’s bluetooth. From the home screen of Android Auto it automatically brings up places you may be heading or directions to your next appointment. Just tap the icon and you can start driving with your direction displayed on Hudly’s heads-up display. Using Android Auto’s voice commands with Hudly really help minimize distractions so you can stay focused one the road.

2) Sygic

head-up display

If you haven’t heard of Sygic, you are probably at least familiar with it from our videos. Sygic’s maps are provided by TomTom and you can navigate them offline. This means that if you don’t have a cellular connection, you’ll still be able to find your destination. Our favorite feature is the heads-up display mode which only shows the information you need like your speed, the speed limit of the road you’re on, navigational arrows and distances. With your navigation up in your line of sight, you won’t need to take your eyes off of the road.

3) Navier

head-up display

The Navier navigation app has really great HUD graphics that are customization. You choose the information most important to you to display on your Hudly heads-up display. The above animated gif is our preferred custom layout. It has a 3D map, a large speedometer which turns red if we’re speeding and it displays the street name. You can customize your own panels with a compass, clock and more. Navier looks really high tech on Hudly

4) DigiHUD

head-up display

DigiHUD is a GPS speedometer which displays your speed in digital format. It is easy to read and you can even set warning speeds which will change the color for quick recognition. You can also display the time, trip distance, max speed (careful now!), and average speed. A simple but elegant and clear application.

5) Torque

head-up display

Auto enthusiasts will love the use of Torque’s gauges on Hudly. Instead of large physical gauges, you’ll have a seamless heads-up display of all your car performance stats like HP & Torque, 0-60mph timing, and more. The layouts are customizable so you can display whatever stats are most important to you.</span>