Driving can be stressful enough without the added stress of having to either constantly look down at your phone for navigation or use your vehicle's outdated navigation system. Thankfully, the Hudly head-up display provides an alternative solution that puts you in control of which navigation apps you want to mirror from your phone and projects them in front of you as you drive. 



1) Never missing a turn is easy when you've got a map floating out in front of you. There's a reason that every new car seems to feature a fancy head-up display (HUD). installed from the manufacturer. While being an expensive option ($1,500 on average), the versatility of a head-up display and the ability to see things like your speed and navigation directions floating out in front of you while driving is invaluable.



2) Projecting your favorite navigation apps onto the road ahead makes sure you're using your favorite navigation apps while never having to worry about using an outdated program. We love apps like Sygic, which is specifically made for head-up displays. or looking at your vehicle's outdated navigation system. Instead of playing the eye shuffle game with your phone, trying to figure out if that's your turn coming up or not, a good head-up display like the Hudly can mirror any applications from your phone, putting you in control of what navigation tool you want to use. Having the power to choose your favorite navigation app mirrored seamlessly through a crystal clear head-up display like the Hudly puts you in control of the drive better than ever before.



3) Staying safe on the road is much easier when you're not looking down, left, or right. Many people have made the mistake of settling for a cheap $30 windshield-phone mount, which is very dangerous and distracting.The safest and most efficient ways to use navigation while driving is through the utilization of a head-up display that allows you to keep your eyes forward at all times.

Besides, you wouldn't want to miss out on the adventure while you're busy staring down at the phone, would you?