The proven solution for stress-free, safer driving

Introducing the next gen head-up display for your car, completely customized to your driving needs. Access navigation & speed without taking your eyes off the road.

Upgrade your driving experience today

Access all your go-to apps

Cast absolutely anything on your phone to match your driving experience to your needs. Use apps you already love (like Waze and Google Maps) and instantly access navigation and notifications right in your line of sight. Use our optional Vehicle Health Monitor to get real time stats from your car's OBD2. Avoid problems with speed, fuel levels & more directly in your line of sight.

Amazing image quality and clear display

Hudly has the highest resolution display of any aftermarket HUD. High-grade optical-level coating on a transparent display means less reflection and enhanced color and contrast. And a resolution of 800x480 on a 6.2” display makes it easy to view the the road and navigation simultaneously.

Feel confident in all lighting conditions

Drive confidently day or night, rain or shine with crisp imagery at all times. Hudly’s light sensors adapt to your environment and automatically provide optimal brightness and visibility. With up to 5x the brightness of the average phone screen, the display is bright enough even for the sunniest days.

Cast in a snap with wireless streaming

Now it’s easier than ever to set up your phone for casting. With the use of the wireless standards Miracast and Airplay, Hudly is now compatible with virtually all Android and iPhone smartphones and tablets. Once connected to Hudly’s WiFi network, you can seamlessly reconnect for future rides.

View the display from all angles

Enjoy a 30-degree angle of view from both the driver and passenger side. Unlike the magnification on a curved display, our 1:1 flat panel display means no sacrifice on resolution or brightness. For trips where navigation is not needed, let the passengers entertain themselves by streaming their favorite shows to our large high resolution screen.

Easy plug-and-play setup makes getting started a snap

No need for a mechanic! Hudly seamlessly fits your car.



Plug into your car’s cigarette lighter to power your device. That’s it!


Position on your dashboard to match your line of sight and adjust the display angle as you like.


Use all the apps you already know and trust and cast wirelessly onto the transparent display.

Hudly Wireless head-up display universal aftermarket iphone and android mirroring

The magic behind our head-up display

6.2” display with OGC

Optical grade coating enhances colors and contrast, making it easy to see.

Built-in speakers

Hear your directions and notifications through outside noise with our speakers.

Easy to store

To remove for safekeeping, hold the base and slide the device off the mount.

Button controls

Easy-to-access buttons are more reliable than hand gestures for controls.

Power source

Connect power through the cigarette lighter and charge your phone as you go.

Adjustable mount

The moldable base conforms to your dashboard to minimize vibrations.

See why drivers love Hudly

“What’s really exciting about Hudly is that it is a seamless experience just like everything else in my household, so from Apple Play to Sonos to my Nest, Hudly fits right in..”

“I really appreciate just the quality in terms of clarity, especially with mounts like this you want something to be dead simple, super clear and giant text and i think this is all the good characteristics of it”

“I think this hudly makes the driving experience really safe...having what i need right in front of me without obstructing my view or making me look away from the road has made a big difference.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We're here to help.

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Does Hudly Wireless work with my car?

If you have a working cigarette lighter socket, Hudly will work in your car

Does Hudly Wireless work with my phone?

Hudly is compatible with iOS and Android Phones (Pixel & Nexus lines excluded)

What’s the return/exchange policy?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. We offer 30 day returns (worldwide) and 1 year warranty (US-only).

Special intro price!

Save $50 while supplies last. Hudly Wireless is compatible with iOS and Android Phones (Pixel & Nexus lines excluded).



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