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It’s no secret that Hudly has attracted some of the coolest, sleekest, and most bad-ass cars on the roads today. From the muscle-car owners to the supercars, Hudly owners all have one thing in common: a passion for the automotive industry.

One of the coolest enthusiasts that we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know is Jaron Cole, the founder of the Mustang Fan Club (@mustangfanclub). He has owned a few of the coolest Stangs on the streets, with his latest being a S550 Stage 3 Roush-Clone complete with the supercharger and suspension.


We asked Jaron what he loved about driving with Hudly and his answer sums up perfectly what so many people from around the globe have said:

Hudly has given me a great HUD experience! It has several parameters you can choose from to constantly monitor your vehicle. Since I got on a lot of road trips, I tend to keep my settings set to show my fuel percentage, RPM's and MPH. Another nifty feature I love about Hudly, is that I can mirror my iPhone! I tend to use Waze a lot because it allows users to add where police are hiding on the interstates. I simply plug my phone in with the supplied adaptors and I'm good to go! If I get bored, I can also enjoy some Netflix :). Installation was swift and easy. I took a little extra time to make sure all the wires were neatly tucked and secured.” -- Jaron Cole, Founder of Mustang Fan Club

From the track to the strip, from city streets to the wide open road, Hudly offers a completely custom experience for everyone with its world-first phone mirroring head-up display technology. Trying to avoid cops on the road? Use Waze and it will show you where they’re hiding. Looking for track stats and more? OBD Fusion rocks it. Hudly is the perfect universal aftermarket HUD for every driving situation.




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