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Aftermarket head-up displays (HUD) have taken the driving community by storm, with companies raising hundreds of thousands on crowdfunding platforms in the last few years. However, only two companies have been able to deliver a full, non-beta product to eager consumers.

We dive into how one of these companies, Hudly, outperforms the competition and should be your top HUD choice. Hudly reduces distractions behind the wheel by projecting your phone onto your windshield, allowing you to use navigation apps and access vehicle diagnostics without looking down at your dashboard. Drive safer and never miss a moment with critical driving data directly in your line of sight.


1. Their open platform lets you use any app

Unlike the competition, Hudly lets you project absolutely anything on your phone. This means no learning curve and the complete customization of the driving experience to your needs. You can continue to use your favorite phone navigation and messaging apps. Prefer Waze? You got it. Google Maps? That works, too! 


2. Their mounting system stays secure on all roads

Hudly is the only head-up display that attaches directly to the windshield, limiting vibrations on uneven roads so projected information remains crystal clear. While competitors tout dashboard-mounted HUDs, this design has a major flaw - the screens are more likely to shake with every bump on the road, making it hard to clearly see the info you need. Hudly's design also lets you customize where you install the device, not limiting you to a specific position on your dashboard.


3. Their design ensures crisp imagery at all times

Drive confidently day or night, rain or shine. Hudly adapts to your environment and ensures that your projected image is visible in all lighting conditions. The light sensor automatically adjusts display brightness with up to 35x the brightness of an average smartphone screen - easy to see on even the sunniest days. The crystal clear glass display is engineered to magnify images and enhance clarity for easy viewability.


4. Their tech projects your phone with zero lag

Hudly produces images at nearly zero latency so the driving information you need is current and accurate. Even a second's delay in your navigation app can result in a missed turn or exit. Since Hudly connects directly to your phone and car’s OBD2 port, it instantly projects the incoming data. Enjoy a lag-free experience across iPhone and Android devices.


5. Their device lets you drive with the latest software

No need to limit yourself to a proprietary system that can quickly become outdated and require constant firmware updates. Hudly projects the latest apps, delivering the best and most up-to-date driving experience.

There’s good reason why drivers rate Hudly as a top choice in this $7 billion HUD industry. With Hudly, you’ll never miss a moment on your next adventure. Try Hudly risk-free with free US shipping and 60 day returns. Upgrade your driving experience today!