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Meet head-up displays (HUD), the future of driving. Never take your eyes off the road again - HUDs reduce distractions behind the wheel by projecting navigation and vehicle diagnostics onto your windshield. It’s no wonder fighter jets have been using this technology for decades. While new luxury cars like BMW and Audi arrive with HUDs pre-installed, you can still access this technology with a sleek, affordable aftermarket HUD like Hudly. Hudly can be installed in almost any car and costs a mere fraction of the OEM price charged by auto manufacturers. It projects the phone apps you already know and love, helping you drive safer and never miss a moment. See why auto manufacturers are keeping a close eye on innovative startups like Hudly.


1. Their open platform lets you use any Android app

Unlike expensive OEM HUDs with limited features, Hudly lets you project absolutely anything on your phone. This means no learning curve and complete customization of your driving experience. You can continue to use your favorite navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps. See incoming calls, notifications and more at a glance, all while keeping your eyes on the road. Experience the joy of a head-up display that puts you in control.  


2. They offer a quality HUD at an affordable price

Thinking of upgrading your driving experience with this “new car” technology? Why spend $80,000+ on a new car when you can install Hudly for $299 and get all the same HUD benefits and more? Hudly sells directly to customers online, keeping their costs low and passing those savings onto you. Best part? Every car of every trim level, new or used, can use Hudly. Simply plug in and start driving.


3. They created a true head-up display

While some people call a windshield-mounted phone a “head-up display”, true HUDs like Hudly don’t block your field of view and keeps the road and important driving data in focus. This elevates your reaction time and situational awareness since you can look forward and see everything without shifting your eyes' focus. HUD-specific navigation apps also use arrows that appear to float on the road, guiding you to your destination.


4. Their device lets you drive smarter and safer

Access key vehicle diagnostics like speed, RPM, and fuel directly in your line of sight. Avoiding speeding tickets with Hudly is as easy as keeping your eyes on the road ahead. Think your car is overheating? Curious about your alternator's health? Just check with Hudly and make sure your car is running in tip-top shape.


5. Their design ensures crisp imagery at all times

Drive confidently day or night, rain or shine. Hudly adapts to your environment and ensures that your projected image is visible in all lighting conditions. The light sensor automatically adjusts display brightness with up to 35x the brightness of an average smartphone screen - easy to see on even the sunniest days. The crystal clear glass display is engineered to magnify images and enhance clarity for easy viewability.

There’s good reason why drivers rate Hudly as a top choice in this $7 billion HUD industry. With Hudly, you’ll never miss a moment on your next adventure. Try Hudly risk-free with free US shipping and 60-day returns. Upgrade your driving experience today!

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