5 Apps To Get You Started With Hudly

Here are 5 of our favorite apps to get you started with your new Hudly! 

Waze head-up display hud iphone android app Hudly

1. Waze (Night Mode Setting)

Waze is fantastic because it’s a Google-owned company, which means the product is very polished, and it’s also a crowdsourced driving app. This means that users are actively reporting police pulling people over, traffic jams, incidents, speed traps, and so much more! It’s truly the ultimate combination of a navigator and tool to get you ready for what’s up ahead.

Why we like Waze: 

We like Waze because it fits into the Hudly mantra of being a proactive driver

iphone android head-up display hud app universal phone turn your phone into a hud Hudly

2. Hudly

Our flagship app transforms your phone into a smart-controller for your Hudly HUD. Developed specifically for use on a HUD, the design minimizes distractions while keeping vital driving info like navigation and OBD2 data a simple click away. Need easy access to GPS and switching your song? Check. Want to see your notifications lined up perfectly for easy driving viewing and then reply to them with voice? Double check. We’ve engineered our app from the ground up to give you the perfect blend of safety and functionality while you’re on the road.

Why we like our own app: 

Well, we made it! We've been in the HUD industry for over 3 years now and know what it takes to give drivers the best driving experience possible. 

Download for iOS

Download for Android


Google maps head-up display iphone android HUD mode Hudly

3. Google Maps (Night Mode Setting)

Google Maps when you turn on the Night Mode setting (Google Maps > Settings > Night Mode) looks spectacular on Hudly and provides users with a very simple to use and accurate GPS for both iPhone and Android. It provides a clean interface that integrates Google's reviews and recommendations into your driving experience.

Why we like Google Maps:

We like Google Maps because it shows things like restaurant reviews, recommendations, and upcoming stops during trips. It's a simple interface that works great.





bright aftermarket head-up display HUD Hudly

4. OBD Fusion (iPhone) and Torque (Android)

If you're curious about what your car is up to while you drive, OBD Fusion & Torque have a great selection of various gauges that work great with the Hudly vehicle health monitor. You can see things like boost, torque, horsepower, airflow, and more. These apps help bring out the inner racer in the best of us. Showing you some cool stats like torque, horsepower, and more race-themed things, you get the F1 experience in your daily commute. Paired with Hudly, Torque becomes a fantastic tool for monitoring your race stats on and off the track.

Why we like OBD Fusion & Torque:

It works great with the Hudly vehicle health monitor and Hudly Wireless platforms. It's sleek, customizable, and shows all the car-data that you could want without having to purchase expensive equipment and look down at a screen unsafely.

Sygic App Map Navigation

5. Sygic 

Sygic is a leader in downloadable navigation and more. They have great 3D maps, a dedicated HUD friendly mode and a swanky "real-view" option that brings Augmented Reality technology right into your cockpit. It also features a plethora of navigation-related addons and a dedicated HUD friendly mode for a crisp and crafted driving experience.

Why we like Sygic:

Their 3D maps, head-up display mode and the slew of features that they have available make them a powerhouse on the road.

So there we have it! 5 of our favorite apps to get you started with your new Hudly today. If you have any questions or would like to submit a recommendation, please email us at support@gethudly.com 

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