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"[Hudly is] an easy-to-install aftermarket heads-up display (HUD) add-on that won’t break the bank"


"Make driving a safer and more convenient experience by recruiting Hudly as your co-pilot."

Huffington Post

"I was wowed with the clarity of the projected image and how well it performed under different lighting conditions."

Digital Trends

"The company’s newest product is arguably one of the most advanced dashboard HUDs to date, and boasts a unique set of features that aim to solve the problems that other HUDs suffer from."


"As far as projection goes, Hudly works well, showing maps, directions, and other info in a large, clear format that's a step above simply sticking your phone on the dash using a mount."


"Hudly makes everything look like it's magically floating on the road. It's perfect for those cross-country road trips."


"If you’re having a hard time keeping your eyes away from your phone, Hudly just may be the solution for you... No looking down or being distracted while driving, and perfect if you are a Uber or Lyft driver."

The Verge

"Heads-up displays or HUDs are one of the best features in newer vehicles...Now, Hudly is looking to bring that technology to drivers whose vehicles don't currently support the feature with its aftermarket HUD."

Yahoo! Finance

"Anything you can view on your phone can be cast to Hudly in real time, so you’re free to use all your favorite navigation and media apps."


"After a week trial, people say the displayed text is very large and device operation is also easy and safe."

Daily Beast

"If you’re always getting speeding tickets, but don’t want to keep taking your eyes off the road and risking accidents to track your MPH, pick up the Hudly Lite."


"If you’re in the market for something simpler, the Hudly Lite’s “just the facts, ma’am” sensibility makes it great for older drivers or anyone who turns into a leadfoot on long trips."

Popular Mechanics

"These innovative navigation solutions are smarter, safer, and just plain cooler than standard displays."

Ask Men

"Very fancy cars come with HUDs nowadays, but you probably don't have very fancy car money — and that's ok. An aftermarket head's up display serves the same function, and Hudly is ahead of the curve."

This Is Why I'm Broke

"Drive smarter and safer than ever by equipping your ride with the Hudly wireless heads-up display."


"You can access all your apps on the windshield in front of you, and use hands-free voice controls while driving."


"’s the sort of tech that’s been gracing Top Gun fighter jets for years. It eliminates the need to take your eyes off the prize, putting all the important info right in your frame of vision. We’ve seen attempts to create them before – but never this gracefully."


"...owners of older models will have to make do with run-of-the-mill instrument panels and glancing at their phones for navigational and operational vehicle info... until now, that is."


"Distracted driving is a major concern for any of us behind the wheel or in a car...Hudly or heads-up display (HUD) lets drivers access important information directly on their windshield without taking their eyes off the road"


"Now I can see the map, where I'm going, where I'm driving, without having to fuddle with my phone."

Android Authority

"Using technology that was originally intended for military aviation, drivers can quickly view information from their phone, without having to look away from the road, and is a better option that using car mounts..."

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