Keep the driving essentials front and center

Hudly Lite brings your speed and RPMs front and center so you can keep a close eye on vital vehicle diagnostics without looking down at your dashboard.

Upgrade your driving experience today

Check vehicle diagnostics more easily

Need to check your speed or RPMs? Hudly displays your car performance stats as sleek, easy-to-read digits so there’s no need to glance down at the dash. Avoiding speeding tickets with Hudly is as easy as keeping your eyes on the road ahead.

Feel confident in all lighting conditions

Drive confidently day or night, rain or shine with crisp imagery at all times. Hudly adapts to your environment and provides optimal brightness and visibility in all lighting conditions. No need for windshield applied films – The large LED display will reflect your speed and RPMs clear enough so you won’t need to apply a reflective film. One is included should you need additional clarity.

Casts at near zero latency

Hudly produces images at nearly zero latency so the driving information you need is current and accurate. Since Hudly connects directly to your car’s OBD2 port, it instantly projects the incoming data.

Easy plug-and-play setup makes getting started a snap

No need for a mechanic! Hudly seamlessly fits your car.


Plug into your car’s OBD2 port to power your device. That’s it!


Position to match your line of sight and secure with the rubber mat.


Easily read your speed and RPMs directly on the windshield.

Hudly lite all cars universal aftermarket add a head-up display speed rpm obd2 to your car today

The magic behind our head-up display

Easy to store

To remove for safekeeping, simply unplug and stow away

Secure mount

Rubber mat mounting system stays secure on all roads

Large LED Display

Speed and RPMs are clearly reflected onto the windshield

Built-in speakers

Set automatic chimes to notify you when you’re driving too fast

On/off for speed-only display

Dedicated on/off button makes it easy to adjust the RPM display

Custom speed units

Easily switch between MPH and KM/H readouts

See why drivers love Hudly

“It's refreshing to just focus on the basics while driving and not be overloaded with information.”

“The speed display is super bright and looks great even without the film. ”

“Not having to look away from the road for speed was a game changer, especially on the highway.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Hudly Lite work with my car?

If you have a working OBD2 port, Hudly will work in your car

What’s the return/exchange policy?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. We offer 30 day returns (worldwide) and 1 year warranty (US-only).

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