How it works

Easy plug-and-play setup makes getting started a snap

Hudly is compatible with all cars containing a cigarette lighter socket. For cars built in 1996 or later, Hudly can also connect to the diagnostic port to display useful information like speed, fuel or energy levels, and RPMs.

Power Hudly directly through your car's power source

No more dead batteries to slow you down. Since Hudly connects directly to your car's cigarette lighter socket, it’s always ready to go. Bonus: Hudly can even charge your phone!

Simply mount the projector and transparent glass display

Our paper guides help you position your equipment into the optimal driving setup for you. Everything you need will be projected onto the glass to give you a clear view of the road ahead.

Connect your phone and project your apps

Use all the apps you already know and trust, projected onto the glass display that seamlessly blends with your windshield. iPhone and Android phones can connect wirelessly or via cable, depending on the model.

What's in the box?

Get everything you need with simple steps for setup

Projector, Glass Display, Power Cable with HDMI and USB Input, OBD2 Cable, MHL Adapter (for Android), Cable Organizers, Mounting Adhesive

Projector and Glass Display

The key to the magic that makes it all work, the projector displays the images to the glass combiner placed on your windshield to achieve a virtual Heads-up display (HUD). Glass Display: The low-profile star of the show, this crystal clear on-windshield glass display is coated and engineered with a curved profile to magnify images for easy viewability.

Power Cable with HDMI and USB Input

To power the projector, plug in the cigarette lighter adapter. The HDMI and USB box on the left works as the video input for the projector.

OBD2 Cable

For vehicle diagnostic information, this cable should be plugged into your car's OBD2 port.

MHL Adapter

Users with MHL capable Android phones can use this adapter to connect. Please note: iPhone users will need the Apple Lighting AV adapter (not included).

Ready to drive smarter? Upgrade your driving experience today

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What's in the box?
  • Projector & glass display
  • Power cable & OBD2 cable
  • MHL Adapter (for Android)
Note: Apple AV Adapter sold separately.
Compatible with most cars and phones.
30 day returns
1 year warranty
Worldwide shipping