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Why a Proper HUD is Better Than Your $20 Windhshield Mount

Hudly glass display on the road

We sometimes get the comment, why don't I just put my phone onto my windshield? Great question! We love this one. We'll break down the top reasons why a proper head-up display is better than your average cell phone mounted on your windshield. 

Phone on windshield blocks your view  1.) Plain and simple, you can't see through your cell phone! While people are loving their larger and larger screen sizes, the size really poses a problem when trying to view the road ahead. You're creating a large blind spot in your vision as you drive.
Sygic HUD on the road 2.) HUD specific apps are created to minimize distractions. To use these properly, it needs to be within your line of sight. For navigation, the focus will be on arrows which almost float on the road, guiding you to your destination. To check your speed, you will be able read it in your periphery instead of changing your focus.

3.) On the point of focus, proper HUDs use a optical phenomenon called optical collimation. On the road this means that you'll be able to see your directions and notifications on a HUD while still being able to focus properly on the road. The most important benefit from a HUD is this ability to have the road and direction in the same focus plane. See the pictures below for a visual representation of this feature.

    you can't see past your phone

    When your phone is about a foot in front of you, you can't see around it or be aware of what's in front of you.

    Hudly display on the road

    With a optically collimated HUD you can see the road and information is displayed so it's easy to read while maintaining your situational awareness.

    There are huge benefits to a HUD over simply mounting your cell phone to your windshield. If you've never driven with a HUD, it may be difficult to imagine how it's a game changer but we hope with our breakdown it now makes sense. We hope to see you looking forward and driving with Hudly soon!

    7 Things You Can't Forget On Your Next Roadtrip

    7 Things You Can't Forget On Your Next Roadtrip

    So you're going on a road trip. You know that you're going to be in the car from anywhere between 3 hours to 41 hours total, depending on if you're visiting a neighboring city or state or going across the country. Making sure that you have everything you'll need for the trip is incredibly important because even the best road trip ideas can fall apart without proper planning. 

    head-up display

    1) The Hudly head-up display is going to allow you to keep your eyes focused on the beautiful scenery as you drive past instead of on your vehicle or phone's screen. Allowing you to utilize every app on your phone, including Waze GPS and Netflix, this is definitely something you cannot forget on your next road trip. Imagine looking down, only to hear your co-pilot say, "WOW! Did you see that?!" You look up, but you've already missed it. This happens dozens of times during a road trip. Thanks to Hudly, you'll be the one pointing things out because you'll never miss a moment.


    head-up display

    2) Blankets may not seem the most important thing, but when you're driving in colder regions, they could save your life. According to Road Work, in the event of a blizzard, blankets can save your life if you're unable to continue driving. Furthermore, if you get to the point of being so tired that you need to pull over in the middle of nowhere, blankets can be used on the ground outside the car as well as to create a temporary tent utilizing your vehicle as the pole. 


    head-up display

    3) Coolers are a great way to keep your car stocked with food that needs to be refrigerated and drinks that you want to keep ice cold. Whether you're planning on roughing it out in the wild or stopping at hotels, every road trip needs a cooler to make sure that you're able to stop at gas stations less frequently and out in the wild more often. 


    head-up display

    4) Corn nuts that are not fried are a perfect snack that are packed with key nutrients that you'll need, like fiber and protein. Plus, if you've never had a corn nut before, they make the most appealing crunch sound when you eat them. It's almost a secondary form of entertainment to hear them crunch as you're eating them. 


    head-up display

    5) Vehicle cleaner/degreaser is going to allow you keep your car looking shiny and protect your paint from the bugs that would otherwise rot on your front bumper, hood, and windshield. Keeping your car clean isn't all about looks, it's about protecting your investment.


    head-up display

    6) Magic Tank, if you haven't heard of this incredible product, is a non-flammable gas tank extender that you simply put in your gas tank as normal and it allows you to continue driving as normal, even when you're out of fuel. This is the best solution to not having an extra gallon of smelly gasoline sitting in your back seat and it does a great job at giving you that extra boost to the next gas station.


    head-up display

    7) Basic tool kits are a must have. You never know what's going to happen out on the open road, so you want to make sure that you're prepared to face whatever lies ahead. A basic tool kit can be used to reattach a bumper or fender, fix an interior piece, check out your engine, and so much more.

    So there you have it! Make sure that you're prepared for your next road trip and if you haven't already invested in a Hudly head-up display, you've got to check it out.


    5 Startups That Will Change Your Driving Experience in 2017

    5 Startups That Will Change Your Driving Experience in 2017

    Not everyone can afford an $80,000 luxury car. Thankfully, we’re not living in the early 2000’s and aftermarket vehicle technology has finally caught up to OEM vehicle tech and as is the case in the 5 items listed in this article, surpassed it.

    Hudly head-up display
    1. The Hudly head-up display promises to make every driving experience thrilling. Showing your speed, key vehicle diagnostic information, and mirroring your phone screen on their head-up display (HUD) can make even a 2002 Honda Accord feel futuristic. My first experience with a HUD came from the cockpit of a BMW but it lacked access to my usual driving aids. I liked being able to use Waze for GPS and get my notifications on the Hudly display. Hudly’s tag line, “Where will Hudly take you?” really rings true when you’re on a road trip. With your information displayed on your windshield, you’ll get to see more of the road and beautiful sights. Hudly launched at the beginning of this year and can be ordered for $299 through their website.


    head-up display
    1. ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor keeps your tire pressure in check and can even identify whether or not your tires are slowly leaking air. Many modern cars are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) but they won’t actually give you feedback on what’s causing the loss of pressure. From a study done by NHTSA (National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration), 1 in 4 cars have an underinflated tire which could increase your risk of an accident by 3 times! If you don’t have a TPMS, an investment in one could pay for itself as underinflated tires can also affect fuel consumption.The ZUS launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and is set to launch in August of this year.


    best head-up display
    1. Universal Plug In Hybrid Range Extender by Brendan Cooke, owner of a successful performance shop, decided it was high time that every internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle had a hybrid drivetrain. His easy-install electric battery pack gives every car a minimum increase in fuel economy of 28% and a definitive boost in power to boot. The Hybrid Range Extender is set for testing in August and launches in Q3 of 2017.


    aftermarket hud head-up display
    1. Dashbot turns any car into a powerful AI, even allowing you to use Amazon Alexa while you’re driving to control your phone, music, maps and more. Tired of trying to get Siri or OK Google to work while you’re driving? Don’t sweat it! The Dashbot is built for the road and its microphone is perfect for picking up and deciphering your voice in all road conditions. It’s set to launch this month, July 2017 and was a raving success on Kickstarter from a company with a fantastic track record of delivering amazing products.


    head-up display 2017
    1. Traptap serves a dual purpose: alerting drivers to upcoming traffic, school zones, and other road hazards, and letting you know if there is a speedtrap or police officer using a radar detector ahead. The Tratap is a small, circular, button that sticks to your vehicle’s interior in a location of your choosing and syncs up to your phone via bluetooth. Simply press the Traptap and it will alert other drivers in the area to an upcoming police officer or road hazard. Traptap is available for purchase now.

    These 5 items will absolutely change your driving experience in 2017. The biggest upgrade to your vehicle is hands down the Hudly head-up display though. The versatility of the HUD alongside the ability to see key information about your vehicle projected in front of you is a game changer for every driving experience.